Welcome, and thank you for making your way to the Partner page where you will learn about how you can advertise on Endevourly.  This blog began in 2014 and is positively growing which makes me (Paola Arletty, the author) so happy, indeed.  Readers tune in for fun, educational posts on home decor/ interior design, Do It Yourself Projects, beauty, flower arrangements, housekeeping, organization, lifestyle, recipes, cool product reviews or miscellaneous posts regarding current events or relatable to what's "in" at any given time in the world of "the chic individual who enjoys the finer things in life".  This blog focuses on all things classic chic, life bettering and its goal is to encourage a life lived among the finer things.  After all, we only live once.  Readers can expect the best without having to go far on the quest.  All coming to you from New York City.

What are the Finer Things in Life?

The answer to this tends to vary from person to person but in correlation to the essence of this blog, the "finer things in life" are things that uniquely shape what could be an ordinary life into spectacular no matter how insignificant the action, project, product, lifestyle, event, thought etc, is.  It is meant to transform what one may view as unreachable to now something totally attainable.  Usually used as a phrase to mean 'luxury', solely enjoyed by the wealthy and highly cultured individuals, this blog attempts to dissipate that common understanding to a more broad one that encompasses more ideas beyond fine food and wine.

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Endevourly is serious about honesty and maintaining the trustworthy integrity of the site, so as a result I will only be accepting to partner with businesses plus advertise products that seamlessly complement the ethos behind the blog.  I wish to associate with brands and products that I would personally use and that I feel would benefit my readers.  


So you are interested in advertising your product or company, huh? Yay!!!  Just fill the form below with the following info: 

  • Company or product name
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  • Any details about discounts you wish to provide to readers (you know, to encourage them)

Also fill the form below for advertising rates (per month) which are payable through Paypal or Direct Deposit.  (I am open to other forms of payment as well).


  • You have the option to sponsor posts where I will dedicate a whole blog post on your company or product (once I have personally tried what I am advertising, of course).  These are very common and highly sought by companies as readers will get the chance to know my thoughts on the subject and get to know it better.  Your brand, company or product will be featured in an honest, unique way, highlighting its components.
  • You can also opt to simply pay for a spot on the blog's sidebar (refer to "How To Begin" to learn how).  You would have to provide a visual ad of your preferred size.  Rates depend on the size of the ad and will usually be placed on the sidebar for 30 days.

Product Reviews  

I absolutely love doing this, and actually have reviewed loads in the blog thus far.  Readers enjoy when I do this too.  

If you wish to gain exposure but don't have the budget for it, simply send me your product for me to use, experience, (Love?) and finally potentially review on the blog.  

The post will have one direct link back to the product or to your business with many pictures so that readers have a chance to get a good sense of the subject of discussion.  

If you send more than one I will use the rest as a giveaway to my readers.  Note that I will only choose products that I will genuinely try.

To your right, you can see some of the products I have reviewed so that you can get a sense of how I will go about doing this.

Things We Love

At Endevourly I strive to promote and encourage a natural, organic lifestyle filled with the pure goodness that this earth has to offer.  I enjoy the simplicity and minimalism of things that truly don't require much to make them fabulous.  Anything from beauty, home decor, housekeeping, skincare, food or anything in between is welcomed.  They just have to be beautiful. We love beautiful here :)  


Everyone loves freebies so if you fancy giving one please fill the form below with the following info:
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Note: All freebies must cover the shipping to the winner's address since it is a freebie after all so winners should not be expected to pay for shipping, right?

Lets work together! Woo-hoo :D

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