Cabinet Pulls + Knobs Roundup

I don't know if I've shared this on the blog or not, but I've been working with an amazing and lovely lady on the renovation of her home, in Queens, NYC.  She's truly such a dream client and really trusts my vision for her home makeover and renovation. This home is actually undergoing (soon) a complete kitchen and main bathroom renovation and I've just been helping her design the new kitchen layout, select finishes as well as design a cohesive look throughout, for the rest of the home.  Just recently, I compiled my favorite pulls and knobs for her kitchen renovation and I thought this was a great list because they all have the classic look that in my opinion won't go out of style anytime soon.  My client is a super classy and classic lady with great taste and her only request was that her home felt timeless so that she doesn't have to renovate in 5 years.  This is also very important to her husband. 

These pulls and knobs are truly very beautiful, different and the best part they are all under $15.  The samples below may also be available in different finishes but my favorites are definitely the satin nickel and the brushed brass.  Skip polished brass, please.  That's just too flashy, no?

Sorry, source is unknown :(

Sorry, source is unknown :(

When it comes to cabinet hardware, I don't just consider its finish, I really get caught up on their shape because that plays a huge role in the overall kitchen design.  For my client's kitchen, I suggested we go for something understated and delicate because the kitchen is not very big so the hardware should almost just appear like a little jewel.  I really love the idea of combining both the pulls for the lower cabinet drawers and doors, plus the knobs for the upper cabinet doors.  This mix is a lot more playful and less put together which should really help a completely, all white kitchen stand out. That's right!  We are having an all white kitchen.  YAY!  So far we have agreed to have shaker style cabinet doors in a crisp but creamy off white, subway tile backsplash with a very light gray grout for easy cleaning and beautiful, white quartz countertops (still deciding on our preferred option).  Isn't this the ultimate timeless kitchen?  I would agree, yes.  Now, let's not forget the floors.  These will be in tile because wood is just too much maintenance in a kitchen.  We love the idea of having a very subtle, medium toned gray tile floor so that it contrasts to all that white cabinetry.  

Source  This beautiful, modern kitchen is by Jennifer Stagg from With Heart

Source  This beautiful, modern kitchen is by Jennifer Stagg from With Heart

Can you picture the new kitchen in your head?  Hmm, maybe not but I sure can.  It's going to look amazing and I can't wait for the demolition of the old kitchen to begin or for you to see the before and after of this kitchen.  EeeK :D 

Let's move onto those cabinet pulls and knobs, shall we? 

Cabinet Pulls & Knobs Roundup

Satin Nickel and Brushed Brass Cabinet Hardware Roundup


Of the bunch, I really like #10 or #13, while #1 and #5 would be great selections for our pulls. Which one is your favorite?  Ps: My client really loves the look of brass hardware so we have decided to use those throughout, and just for fun, here is the partially completed design board for her kitchen...  

Cabinet Pulls + Knobs Roundup With a Design Board for a White Kitchen using Brass Hardware

Come back soon for a super colorful and pattern filled post as I'll be sharing my "key tricks" for mixing patterns.

E-Design Studio

After much thought, endless dreaming and the actual implementing of these services to a couple clients here in NYC and neighboring states, I have decided to expand my workload and offer my E-Design services to anyone and EVERYONE!  Introducing E-Design Studio!  As many of you know I am seriously passionate about interior decor, design, and all things, well, interiors!  I LOVE the idea of putting a room together so cohesively and well thought out so that it not only functions well but also looks ridiculously beautiful and oh so you!  Yes, YOU!  It's your home.  You live there so it ought to be a representation of your style, your likes and your lifestyle.

The Design Studio will serve as a platform to receive E-Design services through the internet, yep.  Right from your computer, smartphone or desktop.  I wish to reach as many people as possible and this platform is truly very convenient because the internet connects us in an almost tangible way.  Near or far, you are now offered E-Design services, which makes me SO HAPPY I could almost jump on my bed like a 2 year old ..... and break it.... and then have no bed!

Endevourly E-Design Studio, Now Available

The DESIGN STUDIO page breaks things down a bit more thoroughly with the available FORM found there, since I ask you loads about the project you're wishing to start.  The very natural and transparent part about this whole endeavor is that I offer a flat rate to ALL.  This not only helps you, the client, know how much you're paying from the start, each time (yes, because I wish for you to come back for more), but it also allows for a more seamless process and project seeing as my pay won't be a topic of discussion during our time together.  My goal is to focus solely on your particular design and to have discussions about that once we get through the preliminary steps.  Let's make it fun, enjoyable and a complete success!  It gives me such pleasure to deliver and to see or hear clients be ecstatic with enthusiasm and happiness because their interiors turned out exactly how they had dreamed about, but just couldn't implement on their own.

I welcome you all and encourage you to give it a try if you wish and to share this new service with anyone you believe may benefit from it!  Again, everything is found on the DESIGN STUDIO page.  For now, I'll leave you with this cute graphic I put together to get you understanding the process...    

Endevourly E-Design Studio

How's that for a colorful and illustrative explanation?  Makes me all giddy inside.  Oh, Oh, Oh, services also offered in spanish!  
*** Se Habla Español, mi gente ***
Have a lovely and restful weekend, you!  Muuaaa <3